Inspirational Speaker - Singer and Artist

Robyn is a Psychologist who has spoken at many conferences throughout the world, Including, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and several states in America.  She is the Executive Producer and a presenter of an internet based radio show that has had over 303,000 listens. 

She is an inspiring keynote speaker and MC of events. As a television presenter, Robyn has travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand interviewing inspiring people for The Difference.TV.  She has had several television appearances in regard to her singing successes. Robyn has recently added actress to her many talents, her first role being in a short film that is soon to be released.


Robyn Mills - Singer

Robyn Mills - Singer


Robyn as her name suggests is a songbird. She sings from the heart, and enjoys performing songs from the 40’s, 50, 60’s to current times.  She writes mantras of world peace from the heart and plays the Native American Flute. She uses the gift of her voice to make a difference in the world. 



Artwork by Robyn Mills

Artwork by Robyn Mills


Sacred Heart Vibrations Art.The only way to describe Robyn’s art is that its “art from the heart”.  Robyn lovingly crafts paint and resin to create vibrant heart-shaped art works.  Her heart-art is motivated by her deep wish to inspire love in the world and to engage, expand and energise the goodness in humanity’s heart.

Marriage Celebrant

Robyn Mills - Marriage Celebrant

Robyn Mills - Marriage Celebrant


Marriage celebrates a union of hearts. Robyn, also known as The Love Dr, brings joy and her wealth of experience of marrying more than 350 couples to every marriage. Robyn enjoys creating a unique and personalised celebration for each union and still gets goose bumps when couples open their hearts to each other and share their marriage promises.


Robyn Mills interviewing on Blog Talk Radio (over 300,000 listens)

Parenting series with Associate Professor Rosina McAlpine

Dr Rosina is well known in Australia and overseas for her insightful parenting strategies, having written prolifically in regard to parenting.  In this radio series she inspires parents to be the best version of themselves they can be and to help children develop life skills that will hold them in good stead throughout their lives.  Robyn and Rosina talk about their own parenting experiences, warts and all. This combination of research and real makes it easy for parents and grandparents to understand and these wonderful parenting strategies. Parenting Series

Inspirational Interviews

Robyn has been interviewing people from around the world on her radio shows for 3 years.  She has interviewed many inspiring people including Dr Massaru Emoto from Japan. She has been personally touched and challenged by many of the stories of ordinary people who have had near death experiences that have changed their life direction as well as people who spend their lives dedicated to making a difference in the world. Robyn’s radio shows will inspire you to walk proud in the world, be the best version of yourself and live your dream. Inspirational Interviews