Creation of Individualised Heart Art 

My art work is created to bring love into your space.  I believe that they emanate love and peace.  I play my Humanity’s Heart Mantra while I am creating them and during the drying process when they are solidifying. In this way I infuse them with love. I hope that they remind you that you are part of humanity and expand the love that already exists within you.

The Creation of Hearts 

We all recognise the shape of the heart as representing love.  The first vibration that we feel in utero is that of the pulsation of our mothers heart beat as it is replicated throughout her body and ours. It is our first deep connection, relying on the mothers heart beat to sustain our life.  These hearts are created to remind us as adults of that love and to encourage us to feel the connection to all of humanity who also began life in the same way and who we rely on to sustain life. 

Circles of Universal Love 

These circles show the expansive nature of love as it flows throughout the universe.  As we engage, energise and expand the love within ourselves it is also converges with everyone else’s love throughout the universe and expands exponetionally. 

Large Works