Understanding your child’s brain is important for parenting a healthy, happy and well-adjusted child.

In this interview Dr Rosina (www.DrRosina.com) interviews Dawson Church PhD (www.dawsongift.com). He has a wealth of knowledge across the areas of neuroscience, health, psychology, and spirituality.

You'll learn about:

Dr Dawson Church

Dr Dawson Church

  • How your child's brain works - the thinking brain, emotional brain and autonomic brain
  • How you can support your growing child’s brain development
  • How to calm your child when he or she is upset
  • How to manage your emotions as a parent when your kids trigger frustration, anger or even rage and why that is SO IMPORTANT

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Staying grounded and in your own power amidst a highly expectant world

In this world that is ever changing it is important to truly honour yourself and stay grounded and heart centered. Dr Robyn Mills and Nikki Cook will explore ways to stay centered amidst the deluge of life in this modern area. Walk your own path with ease and grace.

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Teach your kids to be proactive & problem solve so they're safe and happy

Parents love their children and so when they see their kids struggle it's natural to want to jump in and help. BUT, this is not always helpful as it teaches them to rely on others to "save them".

Of course if your child is in physical danger - you move them out of the road first and then have the conversation - but this same rule doesn't always apply in other situations.

Helping our kids work through problems, rather than solving them for our kids means they are learning how to navigate life safely and successfully. 

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Join  Inspirational speaker Dr Robyn Mills and Parenting expert Dr Rosina McAlpine, www.DrRosina.com Life skills in 15 mins at a time 

Help kids of all ages learn to be more proactive and think about the consequences of their actions - from toddler to teen! 

Parents who take care of themselves, live their dreams: great role models 4 kids

Its not uncommon to hear parents, particularly mothers, say "I put my children first and my needs last". BUT, is good parenting really about being selfless?  

In this show you'll learn about the many benefits to you, your family and your children of being "self full" rather than "self less" 

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1. A happy mother and father is the foundation for a happy family

2. Being a good role model for your children by living your life to the fullest

3. Making a positive difference in the world by sharing your talents

4. Being happy and fulfilled generating joy to share around

5. Being healthy, energetic and positive

Taking care of yourself supports a fulfilling lives for everyone in the family ... Join us for another a great show

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