Teach your kids to be proactive & problem solve so they're safe and happy

Parents love their children and so when they see their kids struggle it's natural to want to jump in and help. BUT, this is not always helpful as it teaches them to rely on others to "save them".

Of course if your child is in physical danger - you move them out of the road first and then have the conversation - but this same rule doesn't always apply in other situations.

Helping our kids work through problems, rather than solving them for our kids means they are learning how to navigate life safely and successfully. 

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Join  Inspirational speaker Dr Robyn Mills and Parenting expert Dr Rosina McAlpine, www.DrRosina.com Life skills in 15 mins at a time 

Help kids of all ages learn to be more proactive and think about the consequences of their actions - from toddler to teen!