Parents who take care of themselves, live their dreams: great role models 4 kids

Its not uncommon to hear parents, particularly mothers, say "I put my children first and my needs last". BUT, is good parenting really about being selfless?  

In this show you'll learn about the many benefits to you, your family and your children of being "self full" rather than "self less" 

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1. A happy mother and father is the foundation for a happy family

2. Being a good role model for your children by living your life to the fullest

3. Making a positive difference in the world by sharing your talents

4. Being happy and fulfilled generating joy to share around

5. Being healthy, energetic and positive

Taking care of yourself supports a fulfilling lives for everyone in the family ... Join us for another a great show

Dr Rosina McAlpine parenting expert: life skills for kids in 15 minutes at a time